So much of life passes through the relationship between a father and a son.  Our sons are witness to our actions and words, silence, emotions, attention, approval, disappointment, joy, and sorrow.  The son absorbs his father through the father son relationship.  This relationship is the foundation, the pillar our sons can tie up to in times of uncertainty. 

 Fathering Fathers is committed to the relationship between fathers and sons.  Together we provide the tools to build a sturdy and lasting foundation no matter what life may throw at us.  We believe in the three basic tenants of a father.  Provide, Protect and show up.  These are critical building blocks to a healthy, loving lasting relationship for a father.  Our focus beyond these important tenants are teaching the skills necessary to raise the next generation of fathers, our sons.  We offer fathers the opportunity to invest in their son’s development from a boy to a man.  We offer fathers the opportunity to pass on his legacy so that the next generation will know what it looks like to be loved, accepted, acknowledged and respected by his father. 

                                Michael Sanford

                                Founder, Fathering Fathers

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